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Client Reviews

I've been very pleased to receive these (unsolicited) notes from lawyers and parties with whom I've mediated:

"Once again, many thanks for your superb job yesterday.  I sincerely believe we could not have resolved the matters without you."   [large insurance coverage dispute involving a university]

"Thank you for your fine work yesterday.  You were exactly what we needed and displayed the right touch at each juncture.  Thank you for your help, your warmth and your insight.  I say this with total certainty: but for your presence, the matter would not have been settled.  I tried for more than 2 years to do wha you accomplished in one day!"  [intellectual property and non-compete dispute between two sports media companies]

"I want to say thank you from [  ] for your help in working out a blueprint for resolution.  It required a masterful job and you pulled us through a real knothole. . . it was a great job under difficult circumstances." [dispute between parent and subsidiary in computer software industry]

"On another note, you were outstanding.  I was so impressed with your patience and determination.  Someone with lesser skills would have given up much earlier in the process.  I liked your style." [adversary proceeding in bankruptcy court involving sexual assault charges against the debtor]

"We were impressed by your skill and tenacity during the mediation. . . Your warmth is your trademark, and because of the comfort zone that you provided as a skilled neutral, my client actually came to the mediation table in a spirit of resolution, and was cooperative in achieving closure.  You are the reasonable juror, and the great conciliator all rolled into one."  [employment discrimination dispute]

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